‘Marvel’s Iron Man’ Video Game Concept Image Has Fans Swooning

Now that comic fans are wrapping up with Marvel’s Spider-Man, they’re already looking forward to another big AAA video game starring another Marvel favorite: Iron Man. Reddit user mcmanybucks shared some incredible concept art for what a Marvel’s Iron Man game could look like, and now we’re wishing that it was real. Check it out.

It looks like they’re going for very Spider-Man vibes here. Iron Man stands looking out into a vast, open New York City, just waiting to be explored. The visuals strike that same balance between lifelike and fantastic, and we dig that, but the UI could probably be dialed back a bit. On one hand, yes, it would be awesome to feel like you’re in Iron Man’s suit communicating with Jarvis; on the other hand, that’s a lot of stuff on-screen getting in the way of enjoying the views of the city as you fly around.

Speaking of flying around, that would probably be our favorite part of the game. Much like Spider-Man, perhaps our greatest joy would be taking to the skies and zooming around NYC, taking in all of the real-world and Marvel-universe landmarks. Even though there aren’t as many Iron Man suits as there are Spider-Man suits to work with, we would be perfectly okay with the developer creating an entirely new suite of Iron Man suits and costumes to collect and swap out. Perhaps Stark could find materials throughout the world, and use them to craft new bits of armor, swapping them in piecemeal, or constructing entire collectible sets. It would be a collector’s dream!

We’re not the only ones with ideas. Fans have been slobbering over this image, and contributing their own concepts for what would make a great Marvel’s Iron Man video game.

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